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Conga Composer helps create and deliver documents from Salesforce by automatically populating the templates with data from any standard or custom object using merge fields. On the other hand, DocuSign is an eSignature solution that integrates with Salesforce. DocuSign delivers Conga Composer documents via email with the ability to acquire, track and file signatures using automatic anchor… Continue reading CONGA-DOCUSIGN FOR SALESFORCE INTEGRATION WITH OUTBOUND MESSAGE


Highlights From Spring ’18 Release

PLATFORM UPDATES Personalize Navigation Bar Personalize an app’s navigation bar to suit the unique way you work. You can reorder items, and rename or remove items that you’ve added. Personalized navigation in Lightning Experience is similar to customized tab sets in Salesforce Classic but better. In Lightning Experience, the navigation bar can contain more than… Continue reading Highlights From Spring ’18 Release

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Einstein Vision – Real Estate App

Let suppose in some real estate website, we search for properties and we get the result related to it. When this comes to salesforces we have Einstein which can help in a large amount of data. Einstein has image classification and object identification as Einstien Vision. Same way using Einstein Vision a real estate app… Continue reading Einstein Vision – Real Estate App

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Einstein Sentiment Analysis

Einstein Sentiment is something to predict the reviews or messages whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Using these companies can categorize the customer attitudes and take action appropriately to build their insights. As earlier discussed in marketing cloud ( sentiment analysis can be achieved even using Einstein. Here user enters some message, Einstein finds the sentiment that… Continue reading Einstein Sentiment Analysis

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Marketing Cloud Social Studio Series– Macros

In the previous post we have seen different components of Social Studio. This post concentrates on Macros, their creation and their usage. Macros in Social Studio: When certain instructions are to be repeatedly used on different tasks, a set containing these common instructions is called a Macro. A macro in social studio can be chosen when… Continue reading Marketing Cloud Social Studio Series– Macros