Working with Lightning Components on Eclipse

How do you create new Lightning Bundles in Eclipse ? How do you add a new definition to an existing Bundle ?

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What is Enhanced Email ?

Enhanced Email was released in Summer ’16 to open up email features that were previously only available in Email-to-Case (E2C). Release Note Enhanced Email is automatically enabled for most organizations except those that use Email-to-Case. You can check this at Setup-> Enhanced Email Let’s understand basic email-task first. In Salesforce, if you do not have E2C and… Continue reading What is Enhanced Email ?


Too Many Verification Code requests on Salesforce login

What’s with the verification code ? Why is my Salesforce asking for it so many times ? With the Spring ‘16 release, Salesforce has upped the security of a login. They decided that the credentials and the IP address that a user logs in from is just not enough to verify that the person logging… Continue reading Too Many Verification Code requests on Salesforce login