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Configurable Map Component for Lightning Record Pages

Everyone loves to use a custom component which can be placed in any object irrespective of whether its standard or custom. In this blog, I am going to introduce one such component, which is the reusable map component. What it does? By placing this component in your Lightning page, you can display the map based… Continue reading Configurable Map Component for Lightning Record Pages

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Salesforce Summer’17 Release: Platform Events

Platform events is a native feature introduced in summer’17 release. It follows an event driven architecture wherein a sender broadcasts a message that is captured by one or more receivers. Platform events simplify the entire process of communicating changes and responding to them without the need of complex logic. Platform events allow customers to increase… Continue reading Salesforce Summer’17 Release: Platform Events

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Salesforce Summer ’17 Release : Lightning for Gmail -Part I

Let us take a look at one of the most awaited and requested feature that Salesforce Summer ’17 Release offers. Google Integration : Lightning for Gmail and Lightning Sync for Google  is a brand-new, native integration between Salesforce CRM and Gmail. Sales representatives can save their time by copying emails over, having their contacts and… Continue reading Salesforce Summer ’17 Release : Lightning for Gmail -Part I

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SObject Tree Structure

In this article, we are implementing a Tree Structure which displays all the parent and its respective child and grandchild records. When clicked on certain parent record, its respective child records are shown and when we click on child records they respective grandchild records are displayed. This goes on. The current implementation is generic which… Continue reading SObject Tree Structure

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Implementing Lodash in Salesforce

Recently in my project the requirement needed use of large number of arrays. Initially the thought was to iterate over the array elements using for loop, resulting use of large number of for loops and therefore making the overall process slow. So in search of an alternative found a better approach using the JavaScript library called Lodash.… Continue reading Implementing Lodash in Salesforce