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SObject Tree Structure

In this article, we are implementing a Tree Structure which displays all the parent and its respective child and grandchild records. When clicked on certain parent record, its respective child records are shown and when we click on child records they respective grandchild records are displayed. This goes on. The current implementation is generic which… Continue reading SObject Tree Structure

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What is Enhanced Email ?

Enhanced Email was released in Summer ’16 to open up email features that were previously only available in Email-to-Case (E2C). Release Note Enhanced Email is automatically enabled for most organizations except those that use Email-to-Case. You can check this at Setup-> Enhanced Email Let’s understand basic email-task first. In Salesforce, if you do not have E2C and… Continue reading What is Enhanced Email ?

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Dynamically Changing Filters in Reports using Analytical API

Scenario :- Let us Assume there are 3  representatives  working under the same territory . Now based on the selection of each representative in VisualForce page , his data should be displayed in the report  . The Reports and Dashboards REST API gives you programmatic access to your report and dashboard data and to visualize the  data.… Continue reading Dynamically Changing Filters in Reports using Analytical API

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Implementation of Gantt Chart using Google Charts

Motivation: When you can’t build the desired chart using Visualforce, you can use the vast Google Charts API. What is Gantt Chart: A Gantt chart is one of the most popular and useful ways of showing activities (tasks or events) displayed against time.On the left of the chart is a list of the activities and… Continue reading Implementation of Gantt Chart using Google Charts

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Implementing Lodash in Salesforce

Recently in my project the requirement needed use of large number of arrays. Initially the thought was to iterate over the array elements using for loop, resulting use of large number of for loops and therefore making the overall process slow. So in search of an alternative found a better approach using the JavaScript library called Lodash.… Continue reading Implementing Lodash in Salesforce